• Quality Stories

    The first thing you notice when you enter a Uterqüe studio is the smell of leather impregnating every nook and cranny, floating inconspicuously through the air like an old memory.
    You notice the same aroma when you carry a new handbag for the first time; it is able to transport us back to a not-so-distant past where life moved at a slower pace.

  • Uterqüe artisans work the leather by hand with the same passion as a sculptor moulding his clay, so that each of their exclusive designs tells a different story. A story written with the same tools used centuries ago, where each stitch is placed with care and tenderness, because each chapter is important. Chisels, awls and punches become almost like extensions of their bodies and are used to transform the highest quality of raw materials into the most desired accessories of the season. .
  • The handbags reveal a luxurious texture to the touch and surprise the eye with elegant and sophisticated colours. They are objects of desire, made in Spain, that become the true stars of the most inspiring urban looks. And they are all finished with a level of care for the small details that borders on an obsession, a trademark of the brand. Because Uterqüe handbags are more than worn and shown off, they are felt. Ultimately, they are pure trendiness on the outside and centuries-old artisan tradition on the inside.