• Made in Spain

    Throughout history, shoes have been an object of desire; elegant, sophisticated and stylish. Keeping with this tradition, experts in the trade are very meticulous in their use of techniques to produce only the highest quality possible.  Uterqüe footwear, made in Spain, is a symbol of refined and complex added value. With each shoe produced ensures maximum care, maximum comfort and the latest design. At Uterqüe we are passionate about this trade, and the quality and care that goes into making each pair of shoes.

  • Step by step

    Each piece is created through a constant dialogue between the studio and the factory. An emphasis on quality is seen at every step of the production process, paired with a modern design that is perfect for the contemporary woman.  Fine and high-quality materials (leather, satin, velvet, etc.), vibrant tones, varied colour palettes and refined heels are key to a unique collection.
      The creation of footwear starts with the last, the beginning of everything and the most important symbol in the art of shoemaking.  At Uterqüe we ensure a perfect fit through an exhaustive quality control process on the lasts for all our models.

  • Works of art

    The details, colours and jewels are part of the production process for each piece and its finishing touches. From the treatment of leather to caring for satin, also the perfect combinations of textures and contours, and contrasts and fabrics. A symbol of beauty and quality.
    Every detail, every appliqué, and every embroidered finish make Uterqüe footwear a work of art.